Corporacion multi inversiones
Multi Inversiones Expansión sin fronteras
Tuesday, 11 January 2005 00:00

Sus raíces se remontan a una pequeña tienda fundada por su bisabuelo Dionisio Gutiérrez en San Cristóbal Totonicapán, y el Molino Excélsior, fundado por Juan Bautista en 1936.


Corporación Multi Inversiones, also known as CMI, is among the largest agro-industrial conglomerates in Latin America, with a presence in Central America, the Caribbean and the United States.  CMI is organized into six well-diversified divisions.  Through these divisions, CMI produces and distributes flour, pasta, cookies, packaging materials, poultry, pork products, and animal foods.  CMI also owns and operates several fast food restaurants, most notably Pollo Campero, the popular fried chicken fast food chain which, in addition to its well-established presence in Central America and growing presence in the United States, recently started franchise operations in Spain and Indonesia, and will soon open restaurants in China, as well.  In addition, CMI develops and builds housing projects, office buildings and shopping malls, operates hydro power generation plants, and engages in the banking and finance business.  Also known as “Grupo Gutierrez,” CMI was founded in Guatemala by Don Juan Bautista Gutierrez, patriarch of the Gutierrez Family in Guatemala and namesake of the Fundación Juan Bautista Gutierrez (Juan Bautista Gutierrez Foundation), which was established by CMI’s shareholders to support social responsibility and community improvement projects and initiatives, with an emphasis on health and education.  Juan Luis Bosch Gutierrez and Dionisio Gutierrez Mayorga currently lead CMI as co-presidents of the company and comprise the governing body of the organization together with Juan Jose Gutierrez and Felipe Bosch Gutierrez.

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